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Finally….by the grace of Almighty Allah….. 4th convocation of Khulna University is going to take place at 28 December 2010. Students completed their B.Sc/M.Sc from 2006 to 2010 is attending this event. Many days later all my friends are going to meet in the versity campus. i am so much thrilled for this. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable get together……..

waiting for that moment ……


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started BCS preparation

Day before yesterday on 2nd April i have submitted BCS form to DC office. To collect a signature from a officer i had to move several floors and finally one magistrate provide the signature and successfully submit the form.

Before that at 10 a.m. joined a written exam to Dataedge software firm. The exam was nice.¬† After that from Nilkhet book market bought necessary books abt BCS. Now its time for study….

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it rained last evening

Last evening (29th March) there was heavy rainfall with  hail. When i left office at that time the sky was cloudy. Me with my colleague was returning home by rickshaw. Near the home we faced to rain. We suddenly took shelter inside a shop. After that we noticed hail-storm. It was a lovely scene after many days.

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